After the end of the money to go to PO the 72 new three Board companies to throw 2 billion 300 mil

After the end of the money to go to PO the 72 new three Board companies to throw 2 billion 300 mil

to know, in the past three years, the 89 IPO enterprises in China have 55 cash dividends, the total amount reached 2 billion 125 million yuan, an average of 38 million 636 thousand and 300 yuan per enterprise.

many companies are not the first dividend, but this year is particularly large. Friends with food 831377.OC is a typical example. Friends of the food in December 16, 2015 by the Commission formally accepted and suspended. In 2014 and 2015 two years, there are friends food have been dividends, two years total dividend of 33 million 756 thousand and 800 yuan. And in February 21st this year announced a dividend plan, the company dividend amount reached 40 million 508 thousand and 100 yuan, far ahead of two years, and the performance of words can not grow much.

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39 companies are queuing for cash dividend program has been proposed, the total dividend reached 1 billion 338 million yuan. There are 33 stages in the counseling of the enterprise, also unwilling to remain out of the limelight, Ho throw 1 billion 6 million yuan to compete "".

as of April 7, 2017, the Commission accepted 89 new three board enterprises, there have been 39 big cash dividends. Total dividends reached 1 billion 338 million yuan, an average of 34 million 307 thousand and 700 yuan per enterprise.

these companies, many in the past "in this year too stingy to pull out a hair" of the enterprise, suddenly announced a generous bonus plan; some companies although not the first time this year share dividend, but more and more. Read Jun also found that the decline in performance serious enterprises, but also in big points.

, an investment bank, gave away the mystery, "the original shareholders are reluctant to introduce new shareholders and IPO share retained profits, therefore before listing generous dividends".

is also home to 5 over the past 10 Fen not pull "of the enterprise, the compass 430011.OC, the Yangtze River 833138.OC, Yindu material shares 832772.OC, Kaixue cold chain 831463.OC and KELONG Holdings 831263.OC, this year also suddenly announced dividend.

, don’t stop me, either. The 39 IPO companies that line up will have to pay a dividend of 1 billion 300 million


, such as the Yangtze River materials, was formally accepted by the CSRC on June 24, 2016 and began to be suspended. The company achieved $609 million in revenue and net profit of $75 million 713 thousand and 200 in 2015, but >

new three board IPO enterprise bonus war is escalating.

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annual report disclosure season, the new board IPO enterprises suddenly set off a red tide collective.

, that is to say, these companies pay nearly a year of dividends in the past three years.

really has a red eye. What’s wrong with these companies,

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