Standard Chartered Bank online loan applications CPA online advertisingTips for choosing the best ke

Standard Chartered Bank online loan applications CPA online advertisingTips for choosing the best ke

welcome stationmaster to be put in actively.

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1, consider

2, expand the keyword into a series of phrases

advertising requirements: only for Shanghai or Shenzhen work and life of customer groups.

5, if it’s a brand enterprise, use your company name

4 uses professional vocabulary to qualify visitors

details please pay attention to the station announcement.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

at the customer’s point of view

3, multiple permutations and combinations,

Standard Chartered Bank online loan applications CPA online advertising, 4 yuan / success.

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? Change the word order in the phrase to create a different word combination. Use an unusual combination. Form a question. Contains synonyms, substitutions, metaphors, and common misspelled words. Include the brand name and name of the product to be sold. Use other qualifiers to create more word combinations, three word, four word combinations.

what key words will potential customers use when searching for your product? This allows you to get feedback from a variety of sources, including your customers, suppliers, brand managers, and sales staff.

? The best keywords are those words that are not abused and are very popular.

? If you’re a famous brand, use your company name in keywords. A website like RadioShack should have such a key phrase: Radio>


? Another trick is to use a rare combination. The effective keyword index Keyword, Effectiveness, Index:KEI will tell you the number of keywords used in its database and the number of competing pages. Look for keywords that might work on your web page. The higher the KEI value, the more popular the word and less competitors. KEI to 100 points is good, more than 400 points can be described as excellent. Pay attention to using only keywords that describe your product.

?? after the selection of a series of phrases, the available network marketing software to test the keyword group, the function of the software is used to check your keywords in other pages, and in the past 24 hours all the major search engines on the number of people who use these keywords in the search.

?? for example, if your keywords are broadband, you may encounter like digital broadband, digital wireless broadband, wireless digital broadband, broadband speed, broadband, wireless broadband digital news news, digital wireless communication, and so on. If the keywords are software solutions, try the flow analysis software solutions, traffic analysis reports, traffic reporting tools, B2B software solutions, e-commerce software solutions, and so on. It’s important to note that keyword groups don’t have to make sense, although they have to be relevant when you combine them.

? Make sure your key group concepts, such as e-commerce software. Be specific and professional so that phrases are not too broad, such as e-commerce software solutions, e-commerce security solutions, B2B e-commerce software, and so on.

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