The voice of stationmaster do not let us become the witness of network end

The voice of stationmaster do not let us become the witness of network end

because the Shanghai room closed, resulting in many personal Adsense website can not be opened, can not access the situation has lasted for two days, the webmaster heart disconsolate, but wait to find a better way. If the site can not access the situation for several days, it undoubtedly means destruction. Have established websites will be on fire, millions of owners will face unemployment


is currently the Internet webmaster jittery, such as a badly frightened person. Since December, there have been heavy events in the network, one after another. Thorough investigation of WAP website, leading mobile business closed; network pornography, resulting in the engine room is closed; check the domain name, domain name registration control source; check the Google Baidu search alliance, control and illegal information; now CCTV exposure Sina Tencent, NetEase and other portals, pointing to the internet…… I do not know in the near future, the Internet will be presented in front of everyone in the face of a big, network monitoring, personal Adsense may really want to withdraw from the stage of history, become people’s memory.

A5 forum has been forced to shut down the forum for more than 40 hours without breaking any laws and regulations. During this time, there is no better way except to wait for the announcement. Graph king worry, forum and cannot access, transaction and forum webmaster exchange can proceed; owners worry that even A5 forums are not open, other website? More A5 forum like can not access the website owners are more anxious if things go on like this website, must shut down, even if the re opened, the loss of a large number of users, the site will also end in failure.

now face the network crackdown, the webmaster can not do anything, this is just the beginning of a nightmare or a cruel end? If only the beginning, the owners really powerless, the future of the Internet will be a lifeless; if this is the end, from the hard to stand up is not easy, but after all, still have a chance. From the current network monitoring means, the webmaster can not judge what will happen tomorrow, personal Adsense as the most grass-roots level of the network, has been in N many websites rectification and blow, black and blue. If the site still can not access, the fallen will be China’s millions of grassroots webmaster. The site is closed and millions of webmasters face unemployment.

before I wrote an article "the very period of network times you are to continue to adhere to or the decision to give up, now the site was forced to close, even no reason to insist the webmaster, no website, also take what to keep? The Internet environment is too bad, the national system of the inevitable derived from the corresponding laws and regulations but now, the relevant regulatory authorities means too hard and arbitrary, the majority of users of the sad expense, do not know if this is social progress or retrogression, netizens

lucky or sad?

exists that is reasonable, the existence of the vast number of webmaster is due to the needs of the Internet needs, users demand, the progress of the times there is a demand, but only a small number of individuals there is illegal behavior

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