PR instantaneous summary from 0 to 4

PR instantaneous summary from 0 to 4

PR instant summary from 0 to 4, my friend’s website in the last googlepr update, PR from 0 to 4, and I put his experience to share with you……

last Google PR update, so many webmaster happy for a while, must be looking at the webmaster is also secretly happy.

said the last PR update, I think my website ( from 0 to 2 has been very great, did not expect a lot of people are on the Admin5 website, just read a article from 0 to 3. But it’s nothing, and to my surprise, my friend’s Web site, StarCraft, actually changed from 0 to 4.

the day before yesterday, I talked with him, he said the most important link is the breadth, is to find as many similar sites, the beginning, your site may not have PR, then my friend, I also like this, here, we must exchange links, he did not dare PR how much, as long as normal income can.

and now my friend PR is not 4 ah, don’t underestimate people without PR or PR lower than you, my friend is doing well, he now as long as the website income plus normal link, the premise is our link to the group of people.

my new station is a novel download station, is walking my friend’s road, lifelong eBook (, I hope you support!


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