A college student in the heart of the silk dream SEO

A college student in the heart of the silk dream SEO


the last few days, I make use of my spare time to go online to see a lot of the survival status of SEOER, especially the sad, because of their own is also a hobby SEO and use of spare time to learn SEO students a grass root, in the process of learning, there is bitterness and tears, but also have a happy feeling in the SEO study, since that there are still a lot of harvest: not only reflected in the growing knowledge, for SEO operation more calm. But know a lot of excellent SEO Elite and SEO predecessors, they are flying their own SEO dream every day, as a university student cock silk, there is also a SEO dream in mind.

dream one: no one knows seo:

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dream in my heart that we do not know the existence of SEO this thing, this is what I see on the Internet, many people complained and expressed their sympathy, as a grass root seo. For the SEO industry, not because I learned SEO a year, I feel I have great, I think that any industry, any key words, I can take over and do it well. At present I do not have this ability, but I firmly believe that there will still be some of the top SEO master, they like to forget that one is doing SEO, and himself as an ordinary user to do SEO, do to promote a deeper level, and the effect is obvious, but the most bitter grass root webmaster, think of it if you don’t know the word SEO, the more good! Because their situation is very worrying, from dawn to dusk every day do SEO, but in the end found a month down the money, go out to eat and drink, plus accommodation, in addition to buy some decent clothes. There is not much money left. How can I talk about my ideals, ambitions and dreams, and in the end, my youth has been given to SEO by ruthless dedication.

dream two: no resources, not SEO:

now, I see there are many online students posting, complaining about social injustice, take our students: often encounter things! In our college career, employment, competition, enrollment, appreciation, scholarships, employment etc.. The formation of a new fashion, fight, fight competition of family background master teachers and fight the godfather. So my second dream is not SEO, because for me, this college grass root, you do what is to SEO and some companies, SEO professionals, connected groups to compete? So I think people do SEO, resources are very important, I heard a friend wrote a post on the Internet, it is about a peer site refuse to do it, the structure of the website is a mess, no SEO, no chain, and most of the content is false original. Why is his website traffic several times that of my website every day?. Then I heard a SEO teacher in a classroom, talked about this issue in his reply: "Baidu is your Godfather".

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