n depth analysis of the competition in the internal construction site

n depth analysis of the competition in the internal construction site


industry, regardless of which platform will exist, the popularity of network development make the network sales into the enterprise, but also with the specification on the search engine industry requirements, SEO industry competition is increasing, webmaster want to own can stabilize in the search engine, the analysis of competitors become essential in the work of SEO deep into the interior of the website construction, to analyze, to a more complete competitor operational information, the enemy can.

Construction analysis of

internal structure

The internal structure of the

site can see the website operation core, the page is a key product site, from the home page link to the past page content is often the website main core, and will not only give a link in the top navigation, but also in the page layout called content page plate. The internal structure of the site is hierarchical structure, from the home page links to the main page of the site, and in-depth analysis, you will find other pages are link import. Internal structure, perfect website operators, the concept of SEO must be very understanding, such competitors are powerful, and only in-depth analysis can defeat the opponent. Analysis of the internal structure can be made from the overall framework of the site, including site layout, database, web language, web page art, web site opening speed, content analysis.

internal content construction analysis

website mainly do what aspects of the content, the main product is the parameter information, or industry information category, or provide the needs of users of the service information; the main contents of the website update frequency fast, the frequency of updates can be seen that the degree of attention of the website, for a long time not update the site, may the development trend of the opponent is not too concerned about the site’s main rival; release those aspects, the industry information, video, pictures, music, or news source, analysis of their areas of concern can be seen in their operation strategy, find their market area; whether the site has a user interactive section, user questions the exchange, whether the site has a corresponding content to solve the problem, if the site can be reached and user interaction, this website users The degree of experience is very high, and it is very meaningful to analyze such content.

Analysis of

SEO policies

competitor website analysis is also to look at the level of the opponent, the site’s SEO operating strategy, and can analyze the strength of the opponent, to see whether the opponent has skilled SEO knowledge. The anchor text construction site if there are junk: do not understand the webmaster may think that the construction of a large number of anchor text can improve the keywords ranking, but a lot of accumulation keywords will only lead to cheating; at the same time, using the "more" tab link into the anchor text page list is not friendly, spread the weight of the web site keywords of the main for the user experience, you can use the "more" navigation tags, nofollow tags available to prevent weight transfer. The site does not have a built-in chain: an unskilled SEO owner will isolate the entire site

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