Choose the correct positioning of stock network construction experience 1

Choose the correct positioning of stock network construction experience 1

has done a lot of grassroots webmaster or plan stock website, indeed, in the current web site type, stock class website GOOGLE price is high, but there are some other advertising revenue, so now the new type of stock such as all out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, here I want to discourage these stationmaster cool down: the stock website is good, but also to find the right way.

as a new type of stock site, to find their own positioning is very important, and now most of the stock website has the following types:

1, stock news station.

At present,

stock sites accounted for the largest proportion of the stock news station, the site of fierce competition, the major portal weight very high, there are several of the old station, plus this kind of website content basically to collect, repeating contents of originality and limitations that can lead to weight in the search engine is low, so the stock information on the new station are generally more difficult to survive, even in the short term included in the search engine is good, but easy to search engine drop right even by the K in the long-term development, as the current Baidu phoenix nest on the line, I have seen many included million shares pulled the information station only a few dozen pages, or even pull out, this type of stock station need a lot of effort to collect the latest information, do false original, for the team owners, individual owners if you choose this The direction is easily reduced to a garbage collection station.

2, stock entry learning station.

stock is very suitable for entry learning station personal webmaster operation, this type of site is mainly to do some stock knowledge tutorial, including text and video content, I have seen a good stock portal: red three soldiers stock network, and the content of the new owners can refer to. This site user experience is good, sticky big, the deficiency is that the webmaster needs to know some stock knowledge, if in the form of BBS construction, the effect is better. Specific practices can recommend some stocks free of charge, answer some stock issues, etc., to improve the user experience and stickiness, the effect is very good.

3, stock software and stock index formula download station

, according to incomplete statistics, as of September 26th 08, the stock accounts effectively 1 million in 1 million 900 thousand households, as long as there are investors, stock software, has the stock formula, so this type of stock website prospects are good, but now this type of stock station to do good is relatively small, the author of a friend on the construction of a type of this website, here to do a little advertising, but also do the following comments, his stock station is: stock formula, 2009-09-18 application domain, according to the filing said he spent nearly two months time, the official site is around November 14th, about two days from Baidu, now " stock; formula of network " this keyword ranked first, because the competition is relatively small, so in order to get good rankings.

4, stock data >

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