The impact of the national crackdown on movie websites

The impact of the national crackdown on movie websites

recently, the national crackdown is in full swing. The crackdown came as news was initially triggered by mobile porn stations, which later spread to all movie stations, including regular movie stations without access to audiovisual licenses.

as a webmaster, I did a lot of sites, except the 520 theater, is the most successful web site, IP1000, are of high quality IP, mostly rely on Baidu search engine, put on the double advertising, there are nearly 10 yuan in advertising revenue per day. Before the website just a little bit better when, oneself have no determination to be bigger and stronger, so this time I make up my mind to want to do this station well.

, but I have been hurt by the anti vice incident. Although my movie station is not what porn movies, but taking my previous sucks, excuse my website without audio-visual license for me off, then I re changed several space, finally found a good space, also can put double advertising, is in the process for space, leading to Baidu my income K finished, only a collection of cache.

is not included, the flow should be less to? I don’t know why, but he was promoted to a flow, included only, several keywords ranking are good, can enter the first 10 pages, especially the key customers on page seventh, free movie ranked 11 in the two page. Baidu keyword index is higher, about 10 pages can also bring thousands of traffic, my address is, you do not believe you can query these two keywords ranking.

but I also began to worry, most traffic is Baidu, if one day the Baidu cache my site also included K, so my website how continue, Baidu will re included my station? I heard crackdown movie website to continue until the end of next year, so I can hold on for a long time? In addition, I would like to take a good time to flow now, my movie station transfer station, the film flow is very valuable Oh, about 1200IP, 800 yuan cheap sale, there is the way to contact me on my website, have to eat crab? >

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