Webmaster should do with the industry related websites

Webmaster should do with the industry related websites

my first stop or start 2005, the starting point is the original building materials company is doing business, wanted to make some design friends, do contact channels will be convenient for the follow-up, the initial position is the forum, because the forum will be better, it was very hard to find information. Modify the site. It has experienced more than half a year, the popularity is still mainly rely on search and banner network brings, as long as no promotion, popularity and fierce decline, after no longer want to do technical work, run out of the market. Therefore, the forum had no time to take care of it and was forced to interrupt.


always felt that e-commerce is the trend, although the mail from the initial search information, online trading cards, game equipment trading now Taobao, pat, there is ah (I in three sites are open shop), but the biggest problem is not play well with the existing combination of work combined with the characteristics of existing customers, because the work is often met in the customer asked me, you help me find what kind of lamp manufacturers too much, too little information, time, how to do? I have been looking for a method, can be resource information customers and their own hands well integration, to achieve win-win objective, the lighting industry itself the original media and websites have enough hands, not too good advantage can play, and LED lighting is a new lighting, the lighting industry with environmental protection, festival The characteristics, is consistent with the policy of the government, such as the hand is www.lightled.cn domain name, is not this day, Austria, and have had many years of experience? The site operation and application development experience, have a large number of industries in the hands of customer information. In this sunrise industry, promising.

therefore since the end of 2008 to begin debugging and record the program’s Web site, the site name is called LED lighting network, www.lightled.cn and URL does take both www.lightled.net and www.lightled.mobi, this is for the long term com treatment is not good, because foreigners do stand, positioning for the B2B website, the integration of LED lighting manufacturers, LED channel sales agents and engineering, lighting design company, this just hit the Internet regulation, so that only when all the procedures are debugging, prepare the case after the formal operation, so before officially opened before in the local debugging and data entry and website. Until March 25th through the filing, 29 upload completed.

to write the above experience, I hope to share with you, the webmaster really hard, sometimes see blurred, hand acid, still insist, I remember a webmaster said, we really need to give yourself a little time, treat yourself, do their own work and related websites, will be more easily than. Will also be engaged in the industry to add a lot of strength.

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