Qangel life hangs the line of grassroots webmaster how to survive

Qangel life hangs the line of grassroots webmaster how to survive

Internet pornography campaigns have been upgraded to all domestic websites, including my love from the net yesterday got the news that the domestic domain name registration must record can resolve the storm continues to see the network regulation. Before writing this blog, I chatted with some of my IDC friends for a while and asked about their recent situation. They told me that I was not going to open the server recently, mainly to maintain and investigate the illegal information. They like our webmaster, busy with the backup and moving the site, very tired, very busy.

is included in the grassroots webmaster can’t find great plan and noble ambition of college students, graduates, there are many because of low wages do one or two sites for the existence of on-the-job personnel, can be said that the network gives us a lot of hope and longing, also bring a dream, whether it is 80, or 90, successful personal webmaster is our idol, and we adore, this effort, because we also have a dream of being a successful grassroots webmaster. Let our website can be widely known in a certain area.

we grassroots webmaster every morning to do is open whether your site can be opened, site website is K, look at the key words is not still, if yes, on this day we are very happy, if not, we toss and turn slowly, how our grassroots survival in the current situation, this should be our a lot of people to discuss, but also a lot of people confused. We saw a small site was closed, the owners have been implicated in the "missing", a lot of grassroots webmaster complaining, but we have not seen a little, some formal, large webmaster in practice, but not so impetuous. This is the difference between big webmaster and small grass roots. How do we get out of the grass roots, Qangel says, because doing the following:

first, mentality. The difference between a big station and a small station lies in the mentality, and any policy of the country should be supported, because the environment is so, we can not change, we only change only ourselves. Internet needs remediation, there are many black industry chain, or bad websites, affecting our lives and environment, we need remediation. It’s no wonder that websites that affect our webmaster need to face up to us. We should cooperate with the action, do a good job site filing and backup, you need to be legitimate and reasonable. Look, did the stationmaster complain?.

second, stick to your website. Websites need to adhere to the short-term profits, the edge is not long. We need to do regular web site, do a good job site. Any illegal websites are short term for themselves, and their lives will be suspended.

third, hold on, it’s sunshine. We need to see hope in the process, and we have to take this opportunity. The grassroots is flexible, with many companies do not have the advantage, many sites have been closed, many sites are affected, this is an opportunity for us, we can see what we need to do, what to do, what not to do.

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