My view on the operation of everyone for all and all for me

My view on the operation of everyone for all and all for me

In the operation of

website, the most important thing is the thought of "everyone for me".

"I’m everybody" is going to have to consider the social needs of the site in the early stages of the site planning. In other words, what’s the website for?. The significance of the general web site is to speed up the dissemination of information and make it easier for Internet users to obtain information. As I do now "Shenyang Sanland." in life often encountered in the students and faculty for students looking for a teacher, so I set up this website is mainly to build a bridge for students and faculty.

, "for everybody", we need to ensure the effectiveness and convenience of information. Because we allow users to facilitate access to information, so our information must be true and effective. This requires us to edit the real information, and carefully review the information sent by netizens. For example, I run a local second-hand website, belonging to me to check the authenticity of the information of website is to check the publisher’s mobile phone number, if the number is not local, I will delete his information. No matter how tempting his information is, it can be a lie, at least not for my target audience. I delete it without wasting the time of my web site user.

"everybody for me" is also designed to be user-friendly. Web site design includes: further improvement of function, repair of vulnerabilities, adjustment of location, detailed documentation and so on. There is no perfect product, your product is no exception, the work of our webmaster is constantly, so that he can more convenient service users. For example, I run the home network, increase the teacher evaluation system I for it, do a set of teacher scoring algorithm, make excellent teachers can get high scores, the teacher will be ranked, so we will find the station will increase the probability of excellent teachers.

"I for everybody" should also pay attention to user feedback and increase communication with users. Analyze what information users need and what information users often see so that they can communicate with users more smoothly.

from the site at the beginning of design planning, site design, information input, user communication is the spirit of "all for one", to provide services for users as their purpose, the use will bring help as their own happiness, it will have the power station the station to do. Such a station may be loved by users. That’s why everyone is for me".

"everybody for me", your station has been welcomed by the masses, only then paid attention, only then can have the benefit. If you find that "I am everybody" does not mean "everyone is for me", it can only be said that you did not do enough, someone did it earlier and better than you did.

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