From the recent Taobao A5 customer promotion competition to see the domestic Taobao customers develo

From the recent Taobao A5 customer promotion competition to see the domestic Taobao customers develo


off in 2009 that would have been born, then learned the relevant information, but not to do, until today also has no direct contact to the customer about Taobao aspects, but for the Taobao customer discussion is a non-stop watching, recently again see A5 zern forum "the world famous shoes Taobao guest" promotion competition – second season, followed by the first quarter of the game again in the two round of upsurge debut award.

the related information about the "world famous Taobao shoes zern guest" promotion competition, found that Taobao is off with a fresh mode of development, for example in the contest of "Mr Spitzer" weekly reviews and recommendations, is the experience and the actual node Taobao off the hitherto unknown operation, making the game record constantly at the same time to be refreshed, but also affect the development of the domestic Taobao customers a valuable activity.

According to a senior Taobao

is the guest contestant Kobayashi said: "the current Taobao customer is very competitive, after more than 2 years of development, the degree of competition is almost close to the climax, the basic operation methods have been unable to meet the current project development, to the" Mister Pulitzer "to give us suggestions are very well, we could actually solve encountered in the promotion of the problem, I think this is the future of Taobao customer promotion is a good means of promotion, data analysis and operational recommendations."

learned from the activity of the award is very rich, at the same time, the Commission is also good, the products are mainly for the domestic 28 years of successful male population, consumption ability is quite high, choose from Taobao customers to promote this start saving advertising cost and profit to to the sales staff, promote the development of Taobao customers the.

domestic Taobao customer development to a certain extent, although there are still people in the promotion of this aspect, but the techniques and methods are the old more, the second season of "world famous shoes Taobao zern guest" promotion competition has already begun, and more lucrative prizes, this is a good opportunity for the promotion of Taobao passenger dedicated to the staff, get an objective comment on the promotion, is conducive to change the original promotion strategy and plan.

and domestic Taobao customers mainly depends on and other related product promotion, although on the API, but for the individual owners or in the promotion phase, the state with respect to individual stationmaster is currently operating the website advantage directly generate revenue, is a direction of webmaster choice development, but also can get promotion comments and suggestions.

I understand the general situation in the first quarter of the game through the relevant information, there are some Taobao passenger turnover of more than 6 in a single day, one day the revenue generated by several hundred yuan, the real implementation of the Internet that day in many myths, compared with the first contest, the second season of surprises. More awards winner is currently waiting in.

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