Entrepreneurship is not only to create profits but more importantly to accumulate

Entrepreneurship is not only to create profits but more importantly to accumulate

in 1998, when I was just reading the third grade, the computer is only listening to its not seen, and the Internet is even more strange, because of family conditions in general, every day staring, or just 17 inches of black-and-white television. One day when I was watching TV, there was a story touched me, a young man in the United States, because of their looks extremely confident, character is introverted, friends also poor, with the Internet curiosity, do a web page on the Internet, is home one of his tennis photos, there are some simple functions, but it is extremely simple website but let him become the focus of the public, many people know him through his personal website. Third term school added technical class, in fact it is not some students in addition to a class, I choose the computer class, behind somewhat disappointed me, the whole semester, learn five dozen pen, on less than five times, let me happy is "the king Pangqing head and 51…" I would recite, one class is typing speed, but also has been extended to the school.


read the secondary school, because of lax supervision, not only in class can be noisy, sleep, and later because of the rise of the Internet, sleeping in the class is more frequent, every night is over the Internet cafes overnight, even if no money, but also in the Internet bar, with the boss is slowly cooked up. Do something to help, make a free Internet, until met some college fellow, they learned through web based design (the school to fourth schools to open web design courses, 00 years) the school took one thousand to block the entry fee to the school in advance, restless with me every day more than a dozen pieces of floppy disks in the net bar, the tuition is bubble inside, back home again with the tuition and registration, I still can not adhere to finish school, did not take long to drop out to go home, back to the town. Internet cafe to work.

04 years since the release of the source works, is a company engaged in Fuzhou, ending more than three years of work in the Internet, the company also spent nearly three years, from the bottom to the technical director, from the programmer to promotion planning, or the future, in May 07 chose to resign, with dream, hope to start the first job experience, for a number of resumes, but mostly due to academic reasons, often to end without hearing a word about. That is the end of June a large domestic home appliance enterprises notice of my interview, through the human manager, regional manager, video interview, the company recognized me, exceptional hired, because of my personality, good times don’t last long, and is not satisfied with the corpse walk work, and chose to resign in October.

A small business choice

behind, although all aspects of treatment are good, but the overall feeling of lack of passion, this year at a friend’s instigation, coupled with their own ideas and accumulation of years of work, in March this year to Xiamen to start their own businesses, because the company is transferred over the previous, many things have saved all the equipment, and spent a total of more than 50000 registered company, it was expensive, but.

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