Baidu map these ten years how to step by step to kill the tough opponent

Baidu map these ten years how to step by step to kill the tough opponent


a few days ago I asked a friend in the use of electronic navigation: in the absence of electronic map, people travel by car is how to recognize the road? Friend said: about ten years ago the city road is not so complex, or carry a paper map? This dark age is not far away, ten years ago before the network map spread, people travel very dependent on the paper map, get out of the train station first appeared always sell paper map aunt, people to see a map, print the road before the trip, some kiosks and even provide service charges for directions……

now, the network map has become the mobile Internet infrastructure, people can easily use all sorts of devices, whether it is pre trip planning, or car navigation, or find nearby homes delicacy, enjoy the scenery in the distance, businesses with location map…… Paper maps have been almost forgotten. Over the past ten years, the network map has evolved, gradually becoming more functional, not just meeting paper electronically, but helping users interact with the physical world better.

time back to 2005, this year can be called the first year of the Internet map. The Google map on the line, Baidu maps become Baidu after the listing of the first blockbuster products, the Sohu to buy graphic world renamed Sogou map, and after Gould, soso, Bing game player incoming Internet map of the market. Over the past ten years, web maps tirelessly collect data from the physical world of space, constantly optimizing algorithms to introduce new versions that help people better recognize, explore, and experience the world. The map makers Zhuluzhongyuan, Chinese market winners are Baidu map.

this week, Baidu maps grandly hosted the ten year old Party in Beijing. As Baidu’s "Darling" in the O2O era, it is seizing every opportunity to show its strength to the outside world and attract more partners to join us in a big event. Data show that Baidu maps occupy more than 70% of the market share, ranking first in the market, has more than 300 million monthly active users, of which the owners of users reached 100 million. What have Baidu maps done to help people better explore the world in the past ten years,



has gone through three stages in ten years,

is available at the beginning of 2005, Baidu map supports only ten city, can only query route and other basic functions, people before travel or travel, visit the Baidu open IE browser, access to the station, hospital, hotel, unit and other practical information and record, may also need to use the "function" ranging from use up high professional requirements, is not simple, ordinary users are terrified.

in 2005 -2009, Baidu mobile strategy has not yet fully started. This stage, Google maps in 2005 in the United States to support mobile phones, and publish Google Earth>

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