Along the operation that line the novice to learn what fragmented knowledge on

Along the operation that line the novice to learn what fragmented knowledge on

Operation before

wrote an article called "your mind is a line, or a lot?", and you have a good understanding of the whole system is the main operation, especially the novice friends, I think is very important, not only know these, but also know why. As a person, I think for all operators of novice friends say: not to blindly actually more terrible, must not be quick to learn to walk, run up! But when we understand the whole operation ideas under the premise, you can go to expand their combat skills, will be more effective, and every effort you are valuable! Today and we talked about is the key operation of complete system, we follow the "operation of the line", which scattered knowledge points are we to learn

in the future?

before the list of learning knowledge, we still need to repeat the operation idea: positioning – retention – Drainage stimulus into perfect optimization; so we learn knowledge points to around the entire line, this system formed between each link to each other, a few words said, we started:

remarks: because of the wide range of operations involved, we can not enumerate all the knowledge, but we usually encounter, please know. This article focuses on sharing learning ideas, to provide some learning reference for novice friends, when you have a clear idea, the value of this article is reflected;

1. Learning a mind map tool;

why do we have to put mind mapping first, because this is our strategic guide to the operation?

1, what is mind mapping?

what is the mind map? The novice can often see many cattle were in demand analysis before the Internet, motionless posted a force tall on the mind map, see the novice friends is actually you can praise.

we know that the way the brain is thinking is a radioactive thinking. In a nutshell, you can think of A1, A2, A3, A4 by A…… Then, through the A1 point, you can also associate A1-1, A1-2, A1-3, A1-4…… Continuously extending downward and extending laterally, eventually forming a radial network structure;


and mind map can well reflect the complex thinking process intuitively and show us in the form of figures, and change them into concrete ones.

What does

2, mind map and operations have to do with it,


novice novice partners to ask, mind map and our operations have nothing to do with you say, the relationship is big,


location scene reproduction:

What is the first operation of

? Target user positioning?.

What are we going to do before the

is positioned?

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