3000P’s enterprise website has fewer than 30 orders per day

3000P’s enterprise website has fewer than 30 orders per day

now many enterprises gradually began to pay attention to the flow line, the optimization of enterprise website and also began to blossom everywhere, and through the enterprise website optimization friends recently exchanges, found a very serious problem, the website is optimized for a long time, some of the key words began to participate in the rankings, visitors came to the site, but telephone orders and almost no, a friend of the optimization of the website every day there are about 3000 UV, but the telephone orders less than 30. So what’s the problem,


type of enterprise website are focus on website optimization, keywords ranking promotion hopes to get traffic, but traffic is coming, the transformation is not ideal, through the survey on a large number of enterprise website found some problems, hope to share with you.

1, is the site’s marketing site


in describing the marketing website, certainly a lot of friends Tucao, my website is also a lot of things ah, telephone, online orders submitted something I have done, why the transformation is still so low? Largely you didn’t do to maximize these details.

2, customer centric, build web site

to see if your website is not right, still remain in the "company introduction, product exhibition, contact us" these old routines, but users the best experience is a site of concern, from the website of the forum, tonal collocation layout, column layout and so on, to create customer a kind of trust and authority, professional first impression. Around the focus of attention and the urgent need to solve the problem, to help customers answer questions and doubts.

3, product display

recently encountered a Yuesao and cleaning class corporate website, in the home only shows that the company provide what kind of service, and not to show further details, it is easy to give customers create a bogus company feeling, and marketing enterprises will be the gold medal in the staff photos on the home page, plus the skills of employees and customers, customers will first feel the company’s employees are professional, so the service is relatively professional, then why not try it I consult.

4, the use of the site’s first screen

why I say the first screen, I believe we all know, visitors to the site, see first page is the most important, from the beginning, logo header, wonderful design companies to obtain certification authority, professional institutions and a short descriptive language can be considerably for the web site.

5, interactive design

how the visitors leave, or let customers leave a two mode of communication, this is a business website the most urgent need to solve the problem, many sites have online customer service functions, but really effective is not much, most leaving only an online QQ icon, and click on the client, you need to must have QQ after landing, "

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