Compare and see which type of stationmaster you belong to

Compare and see which type of stationmaster you belong to

in the network society, as a webmaster, have you ever thought of such a question: why can’t I succeed? Compared with the following types, to see how far away from success.

There are four types of webmaster on the


from the most simple points, the characteristics can be divided into: clever or stupid, lazy or lazy; then combined into four kinds: smart and diligent webmaster webmaster, clever and lazy webmaster, stupid and lazy, stupid and hard-working webmaster webmaster.

1. smart and diligent Webmaster: the webmaster more, can be ready to grasp the needs of users, continuously self innovation, and to rapidly execute in place for anything, and then his own clever through the website to reflect, plus your diligent, it would be easy to see website success;

success index: five star

2. smart and lazy webmaster Webmaster: This is not much, unless it is already have on the site of the track, you only need to grasp the specific direction, hard things to men; because there is the lazy and successful, such as hao123 Adsense a few pages as to be successful; but if you haven’t with this website, but also lazy, that you say you are clever webmaster


success index: Samsung

3. stupid and hard-working webmaster Webmaster: This is not a lot, because they often do stupid and wrong direction, a domain name today on this site, and to do the station tomorrow, no goal but very hard, finally do are very difficult to profit garbage station.

success index: one star

4. stupid and lazy Webmaster: if you are such a webmaster, I suggest you find a permanent job better, every day over 8 hours, took a fixed salary, to tell the truth this kind of webmaster is almost impossible to be successful.

success index: sporadic

such a division is not absolute, but can give us some inspiration, we webmaster in the future on the road, what kind of webmaster, or in their own efforts,


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