ndustrial products electricity supplier website Warring States period behind those things

ndustrial products electricity supplier website Warring States period behind those things

in the popular products in daily life "online shopping" at the same time, industrial electricity supplier market is also quietly changing, although the industrial products (including industrial products and industrial production material procurement) because of its large volume, long cycle, making the number of participants and more limited access to resources and other factors lead to the slow development, but because industry product market of large scale and wide prospects; many traditional companies test the water industrial electricity supplier, even has always been known for "Foxconn" OEM low adjustment a "rich trade mall" industrial products direct online mall, has been quietly on the line.

management of industrial electricity supplier website not only need to invest a lot of money to build a station, goods supply and distribution system, improve the ERP warehouse management and goods shelf management process, there are particularly noteworthy things:

1. Industrial buyers are highly accurate and require strict technical parameters. If there is a trace of deviation, it will cause serious disaster. Therefore, it is necessary for professional and special online sales staff to guide.

two, immediate quotation system, due to industrial product categories, different specifications of the models and the volume is not the same, the quotation is not an easy thing, do industrial electricity supplier to provide real-time quotes online to ensure the normal operation of the site.

The logistics distribution of

three, industrial products, industrial products are due to bulk purchases, and many industrial products are in a relatively new partial area, find the transportation cost is reasonable, reliable and punctual delivery logistics business is a major test for industrial electricity supplier, as the rich trade mall relying on Foxconn big time to time up the distribution system, the country has more than 300 city can realize distribution services.

Customer service

four, many industrial products scorched by the flames, although the business platform to worry about sales, but the MRO (maintenance, maintenance and operation) of helpless, in our country, industrial goods manufacturers customer service outlets, customer service is not timely and effective treatment, especially small, repetitive problems, from the company to to the customer factory maintenance back and forth at least three or four days, consume a large amount of manpower, financial and material resources; and if there is a like Foxconn in full all cable outlets and a large team of skilled support is much easier and faster, just a phone call, a few hours can be to the customer factory in the scene to solve.

five, industrial products such as custom custom, rich trade mall some customers are too lazy to find the hardware products or can not find myself to buy sheet metal products, businesses need tailored for them, which requires the electricity supplier website behind the strong manufacturing and sourcing capabilities for support, in order to provide the best products to customers genuine goods at a fair price.

, industrial electricity supplier online competition only on the surface, the layout of multi line, convenient products, genuine goods at a fair price O2O distribution services, good reputation and service commitment is the focus of competition, the future industrial competitive electricity supplier in the Warring States period, smoke billowing, who will win, we will see.

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