added P to my site with the ladies body

added P to my site with the ladies body

or that young lady, do you remember? There was an article before,

for the first time:, aid=81390,

second times: I can’t find it.

third times:, aid=87256,

fourth, Fifth….

, let’s not say that.

goes to business:

after years of development, I finally know her name, called Jian Fang, the name has not said. The name is not very soil. The first time I heard her name, I couldn’t stand laughing. After many exchanges, people are good people, that is,…..

do you remember that Song Jiabao underwear, MM?. Once I chatted with her about it. She said, "OK, I can do image endorsements for your website.".

In fact, her name is

soil, but people really attractive. But I think she is a miss, there is a kind of can not tell the taste. But I agreed. If you want to see what my spokesperson looks like, please come to my cross stitch trade forum. Ha ha, a IP is coming again.

said endorsement, many people will think of well-known brand advertising star beauty image.

in fact, we can also achieve grassroots, which can be regarded as a method of website promotion.

what’s Song Jiabao selling? Underwear?. Why does it cause so many people to pay attention to it, why do you still have a video lecture from Alibaba?. Originality is that she uses people’s curiosity, first to promote herself, and then to promote the products she sells. And finally realized the purpose of making money.

website is also our product. We rely on websites to make money. Well, we can’t afford a star. We can use our girlfriend and wife to act as spokesmen. For example, I do is cross stitch Trading Forum, the first one I used to do real image promotion, this approach in the actual product marketing with more, but used the website promotion, especially counterparts in many forums, I only tree method is not unique, but the banner of people. More repeat customers can be used.

we do not prevent, but also use this method to promote their own station bar.

said, "if you use this method to promote trading stations, such as Taobao, independent website, will virtually increase the customer’s trust in you.".

, don’t be afraid to upload your photos and girlfriend’s photos to the internet.

by the way, although she’s in that situation, she’s just a shampoo girl. Now a career change, back home. Life is so strange, I believe she can do their own future.

this station is >

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