Webmaster site construction process must be sure to remember impetuous

Webmaster site construction process must be sure to remember impetuous

corn rabbit question: Grassroots webmaster, individual webmaster, in short, Chinese webmaster, you feel impetuous,


the stationmaster replies:………………

China webmaster is growing up in impetuous, perhaps, now many webmaster, especially old webmaster has gone through impetuous period, but throughout the network, highlighting is still a word: "impetuous"!


then what is "impetuous"? What is the appearance of "impetuous"?

"impetuous", the dictionary is interpreted as "frivolous, irritable."". There is a morbid psychology of impulsive, emotional, irrational intertwined, it is solid, good governance, fair competition, and hard pioneer is opposite. While these features, I dare to say that all the owners have, at least once! In that overnight, the Internet economy, many webmaster kill red eye rushed forward, no matter there is no enemy, who is the enemy, only know that dream rushed to the front to become the next king. However, the final result is often disappointing, and some have not even started, they have been lying on the starting line. This can’t help but think about it,

what is the reason causing the impetuous impetuous? How to avoid the process of site? The following several corn rabbit for everyone to do a simple analysis, said the bad don’t scold me, if you feel your pain when it comes to corn rabbit, that I say


one, do not compare success, webmaster, down to earth to do their own.

now the webmaster see a certain webmaster flourishes in the network, so webmaster daily income is 1000 yuan of such true or false articles, then his head, in their own income is low, not even money, keep up with the Joneses even hate immediately can arise spontaneously, like the kind of successful Adsense money, easy money, very dissatisfied with their the site is now the state, so the growing appetite, lead to impetuous! Wish tomorrow is today a station, the station traffic! Often can not accurately assess their considerable site condition, the failure probability is very big, the corn rabbit under the phrase to the Webmaster:

One can be austere without selfish desires!

two, do not be money worship hedonism and opportunism become dizzy with success.

China webmaster in money worship hedonism and opportunism fooled the restlessness of mentality driven, their goal is only one for the money (here is not to say that money is not good, we of course website, to clear, is to benefit, but the benefits can not be in this state of mind, but also not to belittle China webmaster, because China webmaster exists impetuous psychological state is true above). But now the webmaster and do not want to struggle and lack of perseverance and pragmatic spirit, lack of their practical ability, accurate positioning capability and future development ability, so fragile, sensitive, adventure, slightly "temptation" will follow, today found the station immediately, like a swarm of bees to keep up with tomorrow I heard the fire station.

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