Why do web site data analysis

Why do web site data analysis

was a handsome, choice will battle the dignity of the occasion can be determined by the millions of soldiers lives today, a decisive confrontation business enterprise boss will influence the company’s future. Personally, with too many choices and decisions in life, good or bad, or with a failure, someone said in an idea, how many people regret in life, but success and failure is not just an idea, so is the website operation.

1, the importance of website data analysis

to evaluate the quality of a website, we are the most commonly used indicators are: 1, this site has much traffic? 2, the site every day to earn much money? So much traffic and how much money in the end is what kind of relationship? These flows are come from? What is the money Youdou users to convert? Can further enhance the traffic? Can further enhance the transformation? When you will face a series of similar problems, carried out a detailed analysis of the data on the website, can let you know the flow and money behind the real situation. This is the meaning of data analysis.

two, site data analysis,

network in the domestic development time is not too long, a few years ago most of the Internet for small and medium-sized personal website, the development of the site depends mainly on the decision of the webmaster or administrator personal experience and judgment. At present, with the promotion of some third party free tools for data analysis, we can get the index more website data, but now the biggest dilemma is: although it can through the log analysis or use third party statistical tools for the web site more data, but the data is very difficult to make a correct decision, the reason is not the lack of data, but the lack of depth and breadth of data analysis.

very early in a foreign country there is an occupation: Web Data Analyst, but in China, only a handful of large portal companies will set up such positions, website data analysis of real talent in China is quite rare.

three, through data analysis, we can

1, what do you know?. To take over or start a web site, you must first know which stage the site is currently developing. In a simple way, you can collect and analyze the number of clicks, the number of users and so on. These can be clearly understood through the website’s own system or third party free tools.

2, know why. The first point we have obtained the data indicators of the current site that development of the site, so we need to collect further data analysis, know why this is so, for example, the flow is come from, why the conversion rate is not high, the bounce rate is very high and so on, that we all need to know.

3, what should be done?. Understand the site situation and to analyze the reasons from various aspects, so this important information will be able to influence our decisions, so that we can know what to do, to the development and planning of the site a more clear idea of the implementation of.

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