Personal webmaster how to do classification information station

Personal webmaster how to do classification information station

classified information in recent years has been relatively prosperous, recently engaged himself in the Yuyao forum, found that the release of information advertisement is very much, they also made a Yuyao information network, Yuyao 123, ha ha, or better remember.

for the classification of information network, he is providing for the public service, to meet the ordinary housing, to find a nanny / tutor, the sale of second-hand goods, the employment of daily needs, the authenticity of the information will be the first in line. Therefore, the need to provide false information reporting function, but even if the victim reported, the liar can immediately easily register another user name, continue to cheat. If the authenticity of the information can not be reliably guaranteed, then the classified information network can not expect to have good prospects for development.

did a good job, followed by propaganda, of course, do enough to do grandpa?. Publicity is divided into online and offline publicity. Of course, to the local forums, what, such as this relatively lively Yuyao forum. The following is a lot of publicity, such as:

1: work with local Internet cafes to set the browser’s default home page as your website.

2: print thousands of leaflets and send them to all districts and schools.

3: printed many, many plastic bags to the talent market, or to the supermarket door, plastic belt printed on the web site. For example, you can write like this:

web site name: Yuyao information network


website: Yuyao Information Network – Yuyao housing, Yuyao recruitment, Yuyao convenience Network – to do the best information publishing platform in Yuyao

in the position of the LOGO can print conspicuous, simple


4, a name card design has its own features of the site name card, when participating in activities or meet friends at any time, do not forget to pass name card, form a habit, accumulate slowly, when you send about 5 boxes, the effect is obvious.

more content, I am also groping, and I hope that their Yuyao information network can step by step toward maturity, the future is good, the reality is cruel, let us work together, ~~

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