Two weeks revenue 1 million GO desktop on Google Play is how to do

Two weeks revenue 1 million GO desktop on Google Play is how to do

editor’s note: This is 3G portal & Huang Aihua GO vice president of the invitation of the PingWest desktop technology, exclusive articles, share the 3G portal is how to do the international market with the help of Google Play, he also shared the GO desktop product development and operation experience in the paper, and summarized in the overseas promotion of products in "Google play are most concerned about 10 things". The following is the text:


at the end of 2012, GO desktop (GO Launcher) Next Launcher 3D desktop team launched in Google Play, priced $15.99, on-line two weeks aboard the Google Play personalized classification "revenue highest top position, global sales exceeded 1 million yuan. The industry generally believes that App do revenue, Google Play is much more difficult than App Store, so many friends curious Next Launcher how to get this business results.

years ago, a friend in Guangzhou for a developer salon on "Next Launcher 3D" project with you to do a share, which relates to how to do the international market with the help of Google Play, the 10 thing to do Android platform fees and Google Play are most concerned about. After coming back, combined with Sharon shorthand, plus the past few years to develop and operate GO desktop some experience, written in this article, hoping to give the developers a lot of help.

how to obtain international market for one user and one user

The commercial breakthrough of the

Next Launcher 3D desktop will depend on the huge user scale of the GO desktop series. Because the domestic Android application market situation is more complex, here only to share with you GO desktop is how a user, a user to obtain overseas markets.

The proliferation of users of

mobile applications also follows the famous "diffusion of innovation" model of American sociologist Everett · and Rodgers (E.M.Rogers). For different stages and different characteristics of user needs, our product design or promotion strategy must also be different. In the early days of the product development, the users are the innovators who take risks, try to change, and are willing to spread. Once they choose your product, they will act as "opinion leaders"". Therefore, in the early stages of the product to identify these users, first to meet their functional needs and user experience, and in this user area promotion, the effect is the best.


2010, when the first version of the GO desktop was on the line, we specifically selected > > > except for Google Play

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