Rookie site promotion Raiders

Rookie site promotion Raiders

after many days of hard work, their site "potato network variety" finally successfully opened. Now I put myself in the construction site to the site during the smooth opening, there have been many puzzled and confused, I believe a lot of new friends in this field the same as me, there are a variety of problems and questions. I will be following in the process of construction of some thoughts and share.

, site type selection and location:

first, I’ll introduce the selection and location of the website type. If you’re making money for garbage stations, you know, I think this article doesn’t have to be looked at. It doesn’t have reference. If you want to be serious about standing, I hope you can get some inspiration from my thinking.

site type selection:

most of my friends are having a headache when they are standing. I’m afraid I don’t know what I should do. The Internet has many types described how the choice of site, but most of them are too general and rough, I basically don’t know what to do before the station also does not know what to do, I hope you read this article at least able to find their own direction.

first: find the meaning of what you stand for, and you can easily find your way. The user receives the harvest through the information which your website provides, regardless of is in the knowledge or the psychology, this is what I understand, does stands the significance – – helps the netizen to obtain the message which conveniently can obtain quickly.

second: combine your professional knowledge or your own interests to determine the type of website. As a personal webmaster, we do not have much energy and manpower to write our own articles. Then, the source of information must be the content that exists on the internet. Perhaps you have a strong foundation and a strong interest in a particular field or profession, then you may be able to build this type of website. If you know something about it and don’t get to the bottom of it, you can choose a field with your own experience to explore, so that it’s easier to find the direction to do it. Here, I set up this station is also purely out of their own interests, I think I can also through this website, Tudou know more friends like variety show. He is not only a website, but also a platform for communicating with friends who have the same hobby.

two, site functionality and Implementation:

chose the type of site, so we need to consider what functionality the site needs and implement it through technical means. Considering the convenience of information collection, my program is currently popular Marx film program, this program you are using is also very good, we can meet the general requirements on it I feel no need to be too harsh, because we do the main station with the program function of how powerful.

three, site reputation promotion,

through previous work, web site >

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