Step by step rookie online money making plan

Step by step rookie online money making plan

I used to think that only those who master computer technology Wangzhuan to play things, so for a long time with no real network contact Wangzhuan shock. Later, after more than a month of Wangzhuan experience, let me realize that, do Wangzhuan doesn’t necessarily need a lot of technology, as long as you want to do! Some experience higher below I like some beginners to talk about my personal, hope can bring some inspiration.

majored in pharmaceutics, worked for many years in the wholesale of drugs, and later changed from casual to online. At the beginning, I know little about the knowledge of the Internet, even the domain name can not be resolved. But this can not stop my confidence to engage in Wangzhuan, others can learn, I can learn. So I went to the bookstore to buy a new site to do the book, I want to learn how to start the site. Read a few days, basically understand a number of domain names, space and things like that. Far away from the goal of their own station is still far away.

later, I finished my account, like me, zero tech people, to be familiar with, do station estimation takes half a year, and then find out how to make money, I’m afraid two years.

time is over. In today’s soaring prices, time is even more precious. Can not do this, be flexible! No technology, I can please technology, not a station, I can buy ready-made stand, well, can not be so waste time. Other people with technology can start from scratch. I don’t have the technology to invest.

after a few days of exploration, I set my goal, must be divided into three steps: the first step is to engage in a near future can earn the money the station (several thousand dollars a month.), solve the problem of existence of himself; the second step is to engage in a promising station, can make their own live moisture (several million per month it); the third step is to expand the business, success (hundreds of thousands per month.)


so, I spent six thousand yuan to buy two movie stations and advertising, anyway, think it is worth buying, and this money relative to traditional industries, it is not money. (interested friends can refer to help me) through advertising in some movie search on the site, the traffic guide to my website, and then hang up ads on my website, through advertising to make money online. Now two stations, advertising revenue per day can reach more than two hundred yuan, a month has been back to ben. Later, I learned that "garbage station", "Baidu included" and the like, Khan, fortunately, although not much, but I make money, at least live. The teacher once told me, "first to be alive, and then to think about how to live better." I think it makes sense.

my first step has been fulfilled, and then I came to understand that the stand of the novel belongs to the regular station and is very promising, just to do it. Do a website, it is important to adhere to! Then I spent six hundred yuan to buy fine novel network (I bought not to talk about the price, so you can get more technical guidance), adhere to the update every day, I plan to use 3-6 months to get the major search engines to include. >

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