Stationmaster station is an affair of grassroots

Stationmaster station is an affair of grassroots

I have been a grassroots for 2 years, from the beginning do not know what is the webmaster and grassroots, to gradually integrate into this group inside. Deeply felt lonely stationmaster people all too lonely. But the Webmaster Station or the forum has become their place all day long, and it is more timely and accurate than the date for a girlfriend. Of course, many owners do not have a girlfriend, they are Neixiu, unclubbable. Somehow, the girls were angels in their eyes, and they dared not profane it. Of course, many veterans have not, life will be attributed to the true, even if you don’t have confidence, to cheat your own life, including women.

, but I’m not talking about women, but I’m talking about the station owners who are married by the owners". From my start, my first exposure to the station’s laggards, where 2006 is very hot, see a lot of enlightenment, understanding and familiar with network operation, and some of the so-called wangzhuan. Of course, there are a group of grassroots friends. Many people are still connected. Always communicate with life and network, some people have achieved something. Do a good job of their own station, but also some people have been doing garbage stations, earn a little money, and then change. Take a shot and change to another place. Someone else has been away from the mix. Far away from their own "daughter-in-law""..

gradually does not like to be out of date, there is too impetuous. It doesn’t fit me. I’ve been away for a while. A few months later, when I went there, my account number was no longer available, and it was very troublesome to register. At that time, the state was relatively strict with it, so many restrictions were made. So I don’t like it any more. I’ll never go again. I know I haven’t been there 10 times.

The next

chinaz. sargaxahai also have a record registration number, only to see some valuable articles, but found that the Chinaz forum and laggards like impetuous, worthless things many valuable things have been seen, high repetition rate. It is estimated that those who do not abandon the people do not do things. They were removed from each station, and then send the same article, do the same propaganda. So, bored, now just look at Chinaz’s home page information and ranking tools.

has been walking for a long time, and none of the stations can completely contain the grass roots and see DONews’s media platform. But the speed of updates is maddening. 3 days to update a few news and articles. I know there are a lot of people in it. The articles are few and the writing is slow. But the editor will not do reprint and originality?. They have been bought, a little lazy, and do not belong to the grassroots, they are more advanced. Just look, there’s no sense of belonging. But I know that every grassroots likes to be one of them. DONEWS or look at, the article contains a high gold content. So I didn’t give up. Because they have thousands of oak backgrounds, they still have potential.

then sees some special information stations doing well, such as There is also a very cutting-edge website, w>

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