Talk about how to use good advertising to maximize revenue webmaster

Talk about how to use good advertising to maximize revenue webmaster

also wrote a few essays to discuss the advertising revenue of the website. The webmaster friends to communicate with me and asked me, how to allocate advertising, in order to obtain the maximum benefit with the flow of resources, advertising on the most valuable advertising advertising which position, which position not essential. Today I would like to briefly discuss some of my views.

one, make good use of the total station banner

almost every site will have a 468*60 banner ad bit. In almost all of the sites, this location is the most important, the purchase of the location of the advertising price is also the highest, naturally there is its reason. The webmaster should give the ad enough weight to put the most valuable or the most valuable advertising resources in it.

ad placement for this ad site, unless your site has been sold, or you should put the highest price unit advertising, or can bring you the most revenue advertising. For example, Google or Baidu, if Adsense these two ads have, then suggest put Google, only Baidu put Baidu, these two are not, then put your existing unit price highest advertising. Some webmaster do Taobao guest website, it is recommended to put into the highest advertising.

two, home page ads to a reasonable allocation of

for the home page ads, has always been the webmaster have different views. Because the home page settings, almost every site is different, have their own home page arrangement style. Next, I’ll discuss some common home page layouts.

1 home, left and right three column type. This kind of website home page has three pieces of content obviously, generally on the left is recommended reading or some service, such as column navigation etc, is recently updated or a few pieces of content is important, the right is the interactive nature, such as membership center, click ranking, etc. of course, the forum posts. May the left and right contents are different, but both sides of the contents are basically similar. For this type of website, the importance of advertising is in turn: > in the upper right corner; > in the upper middle; > in the middle of the right; > in the upper left corner; middle and lower part. At the same time, don’t ignore the bottom banner advertising.

2, home page, upper and lower three paragraph. This kind of website is generally more obvious on the three paragraph of each part and the classification of style from left to right. This type of paragraph site homepage advertisement should follow the upper, lower, middle of the order to click the type of advertising. Because of our tests, the ads in the middle of the home page were clicked on at least. At the same time pay attention to the right side of the larger than the left.

3, without obvious segmented styles. There is no obvious paragraph distinction between the home pages of this kind of website, and of course, there are also hidden sections, so let’s not discuss them. In this page, follow the same home for the left and right three columns of the ad bit allocation method. < >

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