The strength of jumei com proves that wisdom is behind the opportunity

The strength of jumei com proves that wisdom is behind the opportunity

a lot of attention to the electricity supplier industry friends all know, in the Chinese electricity supplier has two products to let everyone feel great, a, a little-known but can make money in the short term, the other is, a bunch of old men out of cosmetics sold to different level. Especially, a lot of friends in the counter attack to describe love, because in the resources and channels of the intense flame today,’s success more or less there are so few lucky ingredients, after all do the same period of the group purchase buddy now there is not much left, but still shine.

but in the fierce competition in the electricity supplier, it may be able to seize the opportunity for luck but can not grasp the long-term operating channels, since into three years give us the impression that the vitality and vitality, this is not an opportunistic businesses will be able to present to the user of the brand image, therefore, from my personal point of view, there is a lot of talk about what the local poly superior success.

avoids the difference,

some friends often say that produces beneficial opportunities, then China electricity supplier is not a complete cosmetics group purchase business, even if the channel advantage relates to the beauty did not form a unified, but has become one of the beauty only and the main basis for development of the enterprise, and the corresponding radiation in accordance with this advantage, more important is compared with the conventional group purchase, released the information that customer is their own, self built channels, warehousing and logistics, sales of cosmetics. Strictly speaking, it is to take vertical female cosmetics B2C group purchase form, also said had all the right hand self development, this is a lot of group purchase websites need third party vendors to support the supply of great difference.

initiative to grasp their own hands, and is not arrogant enough to not put any opponent in the eye, in fact, on the qualifications, Le bee network than more strength. Before really become the climate, Lasafo has its own brand to a certain extent, and in accordance with the celebrity of Li Jing’s brand of propaganda, the superimposed effect of product and brand is very obvious, but has not been Lasafo the early advantage by knockout, find the difference again but from before the experience in the industry.

know cosmetics business friends will find, although both belong to the cosmetics industry, but attention is the integration of the social model of Master economy + Guide + owned and agent brand combination, including its own brand is a very important point, while white is a form of vertical take group purchase female cosmetics B2C agents. Moreover, Le Feng is facing high-end professional women, then from the young public women start, the two seem overlapping, but in fact face different groups, the development of resistance and internal friction is not large.

alternative and positive branding

actually makes a product so

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