Taiwan hand cake join details

Taiwan hand cake join details

snack street what kind of cake can not be less, that is, of course, we all like to pull the hand pull the cake, a small piece of barbecue with lettuce eggs, the taste will make people think saliva. Do you know how the hand Catching cake comes from? Hand grasping cake formerly known as onion cake, originated in Taiwan, china. 2004 was discovered in Taiwan night market and in 2005 formally introduced from Taiwan to the mainland. Fresh baked after grasping cake, one hundred thousand layer stack layer, such as tissue, hands, face silk thousand even, the outer layer is golden and crisp, soft and white, a green onion and gluten fragrance Pubi come, let everyone to wait for, grab and eat. Has been swept the country, pork, egg, pork collocation can beef pie, bread, sausage and pepper chicken heart vine Bacon, ham, chicken, vegetables and other accessories, can also be fried Cumin Juice, collocation spicy sauce, tomato sauce, spicy sauce, sweet sweet sauce, salad sauce, black pepper sauce, pork sauce etc. the sauce, crispy and delicious, good for both young and old. Taiwan hand cake is now very popular brand, so how to join this brand?

Taiwan hand cake join details

join conditions:

1, the concept of approved headquarters

2, with entrepreneurial passion

3, with a certain management philosophy

4, with certain investment funds

join advantage:

1, in order to conquer the taste of your shop area consumers.

2, the investment is small, the profit is considerable, the income is stable, does not need to suspect any risk.

3, easy to get the formula of this product with a full set of equipment.

4, operability is strong: after training to master the production process Essentials (to the company can also learn by face-to-face).

5, the company management norms, guidance for students to ensure a successful one!

join mode:

(1) chain stores:

1, window takeaway

2, mobile image car

3, food plaza, hotel booth

(2) regional agency operations:


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