How to create a successful case of poor entrepreneurs to share

How to create a successful case of poor entrepreneurs to share

many friends have the dream of entrepreneurship, but most people are stuck in the issue of funds, for ordinary people, do some small business can accumulate experience, do a good job can earn a lot of money. How to start the poor? Take a look at the following business case.

Guangdong Leizhou

42 when Laosun’s passenger business failed, the reasons for the failure, saying they are "monkey business is too small". Dedicated to business "bigger and stronger" Laosun sell motorcycles, and borrowed money from relatives and friends, and then two syndicates, managed to scrape together 40 thousand yuan to buy a very shabby Pakistan started operation.

44 when Laosun operating business failed, then the monkey has actually bankrupt, to "not a" point is the words of his monkey. The monkey cornered sell Pakistan breaking and borrow 80 thousand yuan to Guangzhou third business.

and many well managed as I interviewed a small business successfully done, these small operators due to weak capital not only never seek competition, but also try to avoid vicious competition, then can play their respective advantages in the space to survive. The monkey said: professional market is the best space to avoid vicious competition.

Laosun rented a shop in the city, goods from Guangzhou shoes wholesale market group into, at the beginning of what kind of shoes are good.

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