Common methods and techniques of jeans store decoration

Common methods and techniques of jeans store decoration

shop to do business, store goods placement problem is a skill, need to learn and master, especially clothing store. So what are the methods of the store store furnishings worth learning from the small series now to introduce!

volume is a display method of brand jeans in jeans are very common, can display the paragraph with the same or different color, different color, or regular or random, but should follow certain principles: Pyramid is piled up, the shallow depth of. Pictured above, the jeans are a still life sketch, with a little oil painting.

In order to make the

can be stacked in jeans or laminate window booth, pay attention to the pile when a sense of volume, thin fabric lining in the pants on the inside, next to a pair of collocation style similar to the high-heeled shoes. In the realm of display: let the world become romantic and beautiful window, let the display of goods such as still life painting as gorgeous, let the store in the colors of the rainbow beautiful and harmonious, create a beautiful landscape for people’s life.

now store selection not only look at the brand, also can store decoration and store display, to set up a successful jeans store, grasp the above skills is very important, so that it can attract more consumers into the store shopping.


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