What are the conditions for successful opening jewelry stores

What are the conditions for successful opening jewelry stores

women are born with beauty, want more beautiful, not decorative, beautiful jewelry allows them to increase the number of points, the jewelry industry has a lot of business skills, entrepreneurs to a popular business jewelry store, you must have a good entrepreneurial attitude, from success in the case of the experience is the right way, following small series to introduce jewelry will learn skills.

The importance of

1, excellent product quality product quality, do not need to say more, although the general fashion jewelry and expensive gold jewelry, to a certain extent is "fast consumer goods" fashion, not necessary to achieve "constant", but does not represent popular jewelry can become a day". A brand of jewelry, consumers wear the first day out of the drill, second days fade, repair rate of up to 40% of the phenomenon. This quality is really hard to compliment.

2, environmental protection product concept it is worth noting that the concept of "green jewelry" will be the focus of future popular, metal material is widely used in the current domestic jewelry, prone to skin allergies, the content in foreign countries has the relevant provisions to strictly limit the related elements. Currently being developed in the jewelry industry standards, has been written into this content. It can be predicted, who first hit the "green", "green" concept, who will be able to win the next step in the competition.

3, the characteristics of the product personality for women, the United States has no end, fashion never fixed standards. This decision, the jewelry industry is a very strong fashion sense, in the update time of the industry, it is about the "fast fish eats the slow" speed war. In the material, for example, when the spring of 07 years, the silk ribbon jewelry material, the Summer Pop bead material, and now began to pop wood". Although the fashion who can not overall palm, but to create a distinctive personality of the product is every jewelry companies should do.

to create a personalized products, attracting a large number of consumers, naturally led the fashion. Of course, the characteristics of the personality of the product, not the enterprise sitting at home, pat head casually think, came out. It is necessary to rely on a full range of brand building to complete. But a very important premise is that companies need to have a very keen sense of the market, the consumer has a deep analysis and understanding of the popular elements have an accurate grasp. It is necessary for enterprises to have a quick response mechanism from product development to market.

4, with the characteristics of products as the core, multi category product groups. Jewelry is a fashion industry, the so-called fashion is to be different from others, that is faster than others. Others sell jade, you sell alloy; others sell alloy, you sell wood; others sell wood, you sell jade. Say, the mobile phone industry with it, there is something in common, update faster and faster, faster and faster imitation, NOKIA to launch at least 40 new models each year recommended

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