Zhengzhou taxi 56 km this time ye changed by 90 km

Zhengzhou taxi 56 km this time ye changed by 90 km

in our lives when we travel, many times in order to catch up with time, or for convenience, many people will choose to travel. However, many taxis are hidden tricky, so many passengers taxi fee whiz on improved a lot. Here and Xiaobian together to understand, Zhengzhou taxi, 56 km this time you change the incident of 90 km reported.

is likely to be fitted with a taxi "little tiger", by hiding the remote control, the driver will be able to control meter: according to the mileage will be more than 100 meters.

recently, one of the passengers was trapped.


often taxi in Zhengzhou

56 km this time 90 kilometers?

recently, readers Wang told the Henan Business Daily reporter complained that he suffered a black rental".

Mr. Wang to provide taxi invoice shows, his day at 6:32 in the morning on the train from Zhengzhou ocean hall, arrived at 7:11 Beijing high-speed service area of Xinzheng, show the mileage of 90.5 km, the price of 2.25 yuan, 200 yuan fare.

at first glance, the fare and mileage is not a problem, however, Mr. Wang said the next words out the key issues.

Mr. Wang said that he took this line is not a day two days, the day worried about the airport is not good to go fast, specifically to allow drivers to speed up from the field.

often taxi in Zhengzhou, a total of about 50 km away, turned into a 90.5 km." He felt very strange.

Baidu map shows, according to Mr. Wang’s starting point, the airport is less than 50 km high-speed, less than 56 km away from the field, and can run to the city of Changge, 90.5 km. Normally, the reasonable valuation of the day should be 123 yuan.

and, according to the invoice information, remove the waiting 1 minutes and 4 seconds, the brother of 37 minutes and 56 seconds to run for 90.5 kilometers, with an average speed of up to 143 km.


taxi fitted the little tiger

brother returned part of the fare

Henan Daily reporter then feedback the information to the Zhengzhou city traffic enforcement detachment seven brigade, seven brigade Deputy right Jianbo and concluded that the meter installed "recommended

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