The father of modern toys Valeri Mack’s career

The father of modern toys Valeri Mack’s career

we should all know the puppet, very fun when we have played, it was invented by an American puppet, don’t look at the structure looks very simple, but there is a question, please do not believe then look down.

seeking perfection is another kind of innovation, it is not only the process of repairing defects, but also a kind of high standard creative behavior beyond people’s expectations

"the father of modern toys", the American Vallee Maik, early in the hands of only $1000, can be said to be a real poor. He became a millionaire by revolutionary improvements in toys.

At that time the

toys are puppets, stiff no trace of anger, on the table and enjoy it can also, if let the kids get to play, soon boring. ‘why don’t you let the puppet’s arms move? He thought for a long time, but there is no way.

one day, when he was waiting on the road, he was so bored that he watched the cars on the road to see how they were walking. So he paid particular attention to the vehicle rolling situation. He saw the wheels of the car, with two bearings, installed under the car, as long as the bearing is firmly installed, the wheel rolling will not be an obstacle. He had a sudden idea, involuntarily two arms straight forward, constantly turning, turn for a while, then called with a smile: "I thought of! I think!"

his way frantically rushed home, even too late to take off the coat, took out a small saw and a long handle of the hand, put a puppet on the table will be picked up, two arms it saw, saw in the mouth which drilled a small hole, and then inserted into a a small iron bar, put the two sawed off arm installed in the small round iron bar. Gently turning the puppet’s left hand, his right hand followed. He took the "transformed" puppet to his children and made the children laugh. Valeri g Mei immediately put the puppet look to a carpenter to do, first try 1000. He put these good puppet back by their own color, the color is very bright eye configuration. These 1000 test products to the department store sales resistance, popular.

in less than 3 days, they sold out the 1000 arms puppets, but also received a list of the 120 thousand arms puppet


Mei Ke does not with such achievement to meet. He thought it was a small initial success, just the first step in the road, so continue to study hard. According to the principle of the arm puppet, he created the living leg puppet. The limbs hit a lot of puppet puppet factory, make them inferior. Valeri may set up their own a company with 370 workers recommended

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