Qiao cigarettes to slow selling new products to recommend

Qiao cigarettes to slow selling new products to recommend

June 22, 2017

some brand high quality and inexpensive cigarette sales very quickly, and some popular new tobacco lighter, as the operator, but also need to have more business skills, will let the cigarette sales better, can earn more wealth. And here, Xiao Bian recommend cigarette operators, slow to sell cigarettes, new products to be recommended, so the store business will be more fire oh.

home supermarket business people know that tight cigarette often out of stock or out of stock of the situation, each retail merchant ordered the smoke, the tobacco companies to retail merchants tight cigarette small number, in the daily operation is not enough to sell customers to buy cigarettes, sometimes tight, often smoke can sell, the effect of cigarette sales and operating profit. Although tight cigarettes are not within the scope of our retail business control, but we can control the retail business and grasp the progress of tight cigarette sales.

is to sum up in a word, we can supply the cigarette retail sales progress through the control, to ease the tight situation of cigarette shop out of stock. I am in the daily operation, often store for consumer retail point of the cigarette of the few customers to buy into a tight cigarette, I’ll sell them 32 packets, and then tell them to inhale, next time when I smoke in order to inform them promptly.

due to tight zero cigarette sell, can ensure that the store will not be able to sell cigarettes out of stock supply, some of the more long-term customers to buy cigarettes, you can buy cigarettes when they want to buy, hold on to the next set of smoke. Also, when a cigarette shop out of stock when we don’t die and retail businesses, should learn to customers to promote new products to compensate for the lack of supply of cigarette cigarette.

once the customer to the store to buy my clouds, but the store has been disappointed on Yunyan stock, turned to go in a timely manner to the customer, I recommend the customer with the same price of a good cat, Yunyan Septwolves, Johnson and other new cigarette. In my patience to explain and recommend, there are a lot of customers will choose to buy new cigarettes, which can not only keep the customer, but also won the sales profit.

cigarette business if you want a good effect, master skills is very important. After all, even the same product, and now the number of operators is also very much, we only prudent operation, will make the store’s performance better, more profitable. So, if you are a cigarette operator, do you know how to operate it?