What are the principles of shop names

What are the principles of shop names

a lot of people may feel that this shop is my own, then, how the name, as long as the law can be met at random. However, if you want to let the shop name of the work carried out more smoothly, but also need to grasp the relevant principles. So, what are the principles of shop names?

1, the shop name can be based on the characteristics of the project management and the five line attributes.

2, if the store for the joint venture, five lines and operators can not, take a suffix name.

3, the name of the attributes of yin and Yang and gender matched operators.

4, the shop name name to the attention of the surrounding environment and harmony.

5, the shop name can be based on the fate of the five lines of the operator or the name of one or two words to name.

6, the name of the five lines and the operator of the five lines of mutual or consistent.

7, shop name can be drawn from the opening season, the operator’s expectations, the direction of the store and other elements of inspiration.

8, the name of the shop when the name of the moral and business needs to cooperate with.

although seemingly simple, but the name of a suitable shop actually need to meet more rules, so that the whole store can have a very large business management. So, if you’re going to name the store now, do you know what you need to meet?

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