Sina 2015WE DreamWorks college entrepreneurial growth camp Hubei field graduation

Sina 2015WE DreamWorks college entrepreneurial growth camp Hubei field graduation

now young college students are a generation of creative and career ambition. Many of them are not satisfied with the work to follow the prescribed order, personal ambition through entrepreneurship. Sina Hubei successfully organized the 2015WE dream workshop college students employment growth camp, attended by 30 students showed excellent employment and entrepreneurial quality.

2015 December 26th, sina Hubei dream factory venture roadshow contest and directional recruitment will be held at the Huazhong Normal University student activity center in. The 7 group of contestants wonderful entrepreneurial project was highly praised by the judges and the scene of the students repeatedly praised. But after the contest targeted recruitment intention to engage in new media related occupation to attract more students to a number of well-known enterprises, outstanding students for the 30 bit WE DreamWorks to participate in an interview with more than and 50 good jobs.

WE DreamWorks is jointly sponsored by Sina, micro-blog business school, Hubei hosted the Sina public training project, through the selection of training practice employment recommendation, for graduating college students in Wuhan and enterprises to build effective communication platform for employment and entrepreneurship. 2015 Hubei Sina WE WE DreamWorks DreamWorks is third years of landing in Hubei, from mid October this year in the 6 national city after the early start, Sina online registration, selection, training, cultivate a group interested in the Internet business or engaged in Internet related work, outstanding students have the basic skills of new media the.

site to watch all classmates with placards praise, for their love of the gas project vote. Finally, the Huazhong Normal University of Huazhong Normal University Qin Qin Dian "workshop" project, by the unanimous approval of the judges and the investment of people, the judges are given the highest virtual investment gold, was named best WE DreamWorks venture project. Was provided by Edgar eye 50 thousand yuan bonus entrepreneurship and Sina Hubei to provide 450 thousand yuan promotional resources. South-Central University For Nationalities and Wang Jianhui’s "Pao Ding" most students won the favorite, was named the most popular DreamWorks WE project.

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