Xiamen 95 Anniversary Alumni innovation forum held successfully

Xiamen 95 Anniversary Alumni innovation forum held successfully

Xiamen University is a university with high quality, cultivate a lot of talent, in this 90 anniversary, it is the success of the "alumni Innovation Forum", formed a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.


4 6 on the afternoon of, the founding of the University of Xiamen University alumni innovation forum held in the science and Technology Center Concert hall. The forum to meet the youth, create the future "as the theme, invited Ceng Zhilong, Zhao Danyang, Yu Xiaoyang, Zhou Zhen, Tang Dajie, Zheng Liangbin and other six well-known alumni and teachers and students of our school to share innovation, business sentiment, workplace experience.

"Xiamen is our dream to take place, her record of our growth trajectory, provides a stage for us to dream of flying, from the green grass of the lotus lake, the Green Valley contains a source, for the memories of the lens and the screen." Beijing 1000 billion Polytron Technologies Inc, Beijing 1000 billion investment limited company chairman, 2015 Chinese economic "new leader award" winner Zheng Liangbin alumni around the "breakthrough self, practice China dream" as the scene of students about his Chinese dream story.

"entrepreneurship must create value!" Tang Dajie, President of Shenzhen, Chi Chi, President of international capital, told his own venture capital investment from the entrepreneurial experience, to tell you that entrepreneurship is a natural thing to do in Qianhai. At the same time, he also encouraged the mentees during the school must study hard, complete knowledge, opportunity always favors those who are prepared.

87 of Jinan University alumni, atmospheric pollution control and Environmental Safety Research Institute, Guangzhou Wo letter Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd. chairman, "thousands of people plan national expert Zhou Zhen recalls in his alma mater, hard but happy 11 years of study life, start from what is entrepreneurship, why, entrepreneurial goals and so on his views on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial self conception.

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