Let social vulnerable groups get help Zhangzhou 490 million to build welfare center

Let social vulnerable groups get help Zhangzhou 490 million to build welfare center

in our daily life, while some of the economic situation is good, but there are still many poor people, there are a lot of the elderly, and large numbers of orphans to these vulnerable groups a warm family, Zhangzhou has taken the necessary measures. Zhangzhou Xiangcheng Stone Town Construction in social welfare center. The day before, the feasibility study report of Zhangzhou City Social Welfare Center project approved the Zhangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the project preliminary estimate of the total investment of about 490 million yuan, the construction period of 30 months to plan.

welfare center is located 7 km away from Zhangzhou City, the total land area of the project is 76 thousand square meters, the actual land area of 62193.41 square meters. The main building includes the relief station, child welfare, elderly care homes, relief materials reserve center, health care center, power distribution room and local roads, outdoor activities Plaza, landscaping and walls, basement, underground parking lot, and related electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire and other ancillary works.

the rescue center construction according to the national standard of quasi two level assistance management institutions, construction area of 3000 square meters, 100 beds; children’s welfare institute construction according to the two standards, the development of the architectural area of 12250 square meters, with 300 beds; protection of minors rescue center to be with the children’s welfare combined with the construction, according to two kinds of standard equipment, minors station registration, life, education, entertainment, medical room and other functions with real function and the welfare of children with real overall; the elderly in nursing homes will refer to standard and according to the actual situation, the establishment of 600 beds, glorious hospital beds 200.

Zhangzhou city social welfare center to provide welfare services will be built mainly for the urban elderly, focus groups, orphans and disabled children.


Longwen District start home care services

yesterday morning, Longwen District home care service project launch ceremony held in Zhangzhou City, wo Kang wisdom pension service center.

to help vulnerable groups of society, Zhangzhou 490 million to build welfare centers, will allow more people to get help, so that they have a good living environment. This year, the Zhangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in the pilot construction of Longwen District home pension service center, to take the government to buy services, living in the Longwen area of more than 60 years of age and poor support staff (including rural "Five" city, "three noes"), 60 years old and above (including urban and rural residents object participatory poverty population), more than 60 years of age and focus groups, more than 60 years of age and family planning special family members (the staff), more than 60 years of age and severe disabilities, 80 years old and above high recommendation

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