These interactive methods help you improve customer turnover

These interactive methods help you improve customer turnover

the customer is in the consumer sector God, anyone who needs people to consume the industry must take the consumers as their parents, they can’t survive without you. So how to give consumers the best experience on the issue, each big business can be described as the brains of the tricks. Interaction is a common product marketing strategy.

interactive is now an important means to keep the fan activity, so that customers often to their restaurant, increase customer retention rates, so how can the customer and better interact? Here and share some of the methods.

first approach:

in social media

according to the related data of reality, people will use it every day an average of nearly an hour on WeChat, to communicate with each other in WeChat, so WeChat is now a very powerful social software, the use of micro signal and fans better interaction, and strengthen the fans feelings, is now a mainstream approach


second methods: salon


method is a kind of method is very important, everyone will have a variety of social needs, organized salon is a good way to meet the social needs of people, such activities can increase customer experience, but also the important method to increase the turnover of the restaurant. This is the thing to kill two birds with one stone, many restaurants are willing to undertake such activities.

third ways: hang up and take photos of yourself

restaurant walls will have a variety of decorative paintings, this is very beautiful, but the feeling of the guests will therefore only. There was a restaurant that hung a picture of the customer and the restaurant on the wall. It’s easy to close the distance, and the customer why? Generally speaking, people are my own photos hanging on the record at home, the customer photo hung in the dining room, all of a sudden increase in the guest’s intimacy, the restaurant as their home. Such a restaurant customers naturally have a good impression.

fourth ways: let customers see safe

people’s health consciousness constantly strengthened with the development of economy, food safety has been of great concern to everyone, if the restaurant you are confident, you should let the customer know your food is safe now, some restaurants in transparent kitchen is the truth, let the customer see the restaurant for security, trust naturally set up.

these four methods can help the restaurant and customers to establish a good interaction, with good customer service!


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