nnovation is the only effective way to stimulate the vitality of the brand

nnovation is the only effective way to stimulate the vitality of the brand

want to establish a good brand, it must be recognized by the majority of consumers. Brands need vitality. There are two potential problems with a brand that is less dynamic: first, visibility is low, consumers do not immediately think of such brands when shopping. They will be lost in the complex environment, gradually disappear in the minds of consumers. Second, the situation may be even worse, perceived quality and credibility and other important indicators of decline. In addition, the ability to differentiate from other products and maintain customer loyalty is also declining.

and those brands are not full of vitality in this wave of the wave of brand decline. Usually, they are not only durable in the brand image, but also can deliver satisfactory financial results. By Robert  of University of Washington; Jacobson and Natalie  BAV modeling research conducted by Mizik showed that the vitality of the brand, increase energy and attitude brings stock returns (based on GE IBM, which plays an important role in the enterprise product sales in brand research). In fact, the team has redefined the concept of what is now called "the distinction of vitality", because without this distinction, the influence is correspondingly small. So, what is the vitality of the brand? It should include the following:

‘s sense of participation: people involved, the brand can become a part of the activity or valuable way of life. For example, Lego, Disney, Starbucks, Google and amazon.

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