Women’s shops should pay attention to the location of which principles

Women’s shops should pay attention to the location of which principles

now, the number of women’s clothing in the market is a lot of, which gives some new franchisees in the site has brought some difficulties. Because the market space is limited, we want to choose a good place is not so easy. Below, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the women’s clothing store location principle. We pay close attention to these principles, to bring their own good business place.

the cloud: "step three", a step would be 30% of the sale, which is related to the flow of people. A street because the traffic conditions, history and culture, in different locations, and the formation of their own characteristics, to choose both ends of the street traffic flow, traffic flow more streets, avoid the shop in a "dead end". Similarly on both sides of a street, due to the pedestrian habits, traffic is not necessarily the same, we should carefully observe the direction of the passenger flow, in the side of a lot of passenger traffic.

Third, to avoid the traffic control by the site in the street, in front of the shop to have suitable parking position.

is one of the important conditions to choose convenient store location, avoid traffic control set up places, such as one-way traffic, vehicle type, traffic restrictions limit time and so on. The best near the bus station, or taxi stops. In addition, the shop in front or near the best parking place, which will bring convenience to customers.

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