How to open a new shoe shop

How to open a new shoe shop

in our life, the shoe can be said to be very common, at the same time, there are a lot of people will start look to the shoe industry, especially some shoes, because in every season, women need to buy shoes.

1.18-30 year old MM like shoes shoes is the main reason to look at style, and then look at the price and brand. Especially the summer shoes, mostly spend 100-350 yuan price, as long as see their love style, reasonable price will buy, from spring to autumn season will at least buy single 4 pairs of leather shoes and sandals (I am). So the shoes must ensure that the new style shoes, cheap. There is no need to spend a lot of money into the first line of the brand goods, fashion shoes are worn only a season.

2. shop address can be placed in a good shopping mall such as Hualian, you can also rent a storefront in the Commercial Street (women’s street, East Fourth). I choose at the university next to open the shop about 30 square meters, every four days into a cargo, every 3000-5000 yuan, not too much, a little more style.

3.  to observe the shop girl’s foot and foot wear, different types of wearing different shoes do not feel the same, as they recommended for their feet and really suitable for collocation of shoes, of course the price should be a bargain.

4.  purchase problems: shop in the decoration, the search for the source of. Generally choose to purchase in the provincial capital of the 2 extremely wholesale market. How to open a female shoe store? I do not advocate the novice to open a female shoe store, such as Guangzhou, Wenzhou and other places of origin, because there will be too much freight costs, uneconomical. When you purchase, look, ask, than moving, try, also, to observe, to each commodity, each carefully, ask the price, see which is cheaper, the quality which is more solid, hands curled shoes root, put on foot 44, he also has a few blocks money. If you want to know that you have money to buy the goods, there is any problem unsalable, then your money is there. The goods placed, i.e.distribution. Goods shelves, how to put more flavor, you can better reflect the female shoe grade? You can according to the various aspects of type, type, type, fabric shoes, it can swing, swing, swing clockwise, inverted pendulum, in according to the overall style of your shop to design suitable for you distribution to.

open when the female shoe shop need to do first to prepare a series of market positioning, which contains a target population, at the same time there is a problem of the source, and a part of a good shop address is crucial.


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