What are the skills to open clothing store renovation

What are the skills to open clothing store renovation

opened a clothing store, also need to pay attention to the decoration link. Many shops decoration design fashion personality, suction eye full, naturally easy to attract the attention of consumers. If you want to open a clothing store, then how will you carry out renovation work? If you do not know how to learn.

in material, latex paint, wallpaper, tiles, paving slabs can be chosen. The design of the wall of the clothing store should be coordinated with the color content of the goods displayed, and adapt to the environment and image of the clothing store. Can be set up in the wall on display, for display, the installation of some simple equipment, can be placed in a part of the clothing, can also be used as a commodity or decorative showcase.

the ceiling can create a clothing store of beauty, but also with the space design, lighting it, forming a beautiful shopping environment. Appropriate ceiling decoration will play a role in the beam column, pipeline, insulation, sound insulation and so on, so it is very important for its decoration. In the ceiling design, should take into account the ceiling material, color, height, with particular attention to the ceiling color.

the ceiling to have modern feeling, can show personal charm, pay attention to the overall sense of the color collocation, elegant display. Young people, especially young professional women, like the color of a sense of cleanliness; young male workers stressed the charm of the clothing store, the use of primary colors, such as lighter color is appropriate. In general, the ceiling of the clothing store is light pink. Of course, the design of the ceiling of the wonderful variety, each can create a different decorative effect, in the decoration of the clothing store, may wish to spend some of the idea to let the ceiling in the form of a variety of forms in order to show a good effect.

floor in different patterns and his size determines the size of the clothing store is luxury or narrow, quiet or lively, pure or bright, in fact the pattern itself contains texture, his appearance also affect the overall design effect.

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