How can we find a good entry

How can we find a good entry

find a satisfactory join the project, I believe is a lot of entrepreneurs who have the most headaches. Only from the size of the investment, the number of stores, such as the number of the surface is difficult to judge a project. In fact, entrepreneurs should be from the two aspects of the project’s profit model and franchise system to investigate.

first, with the intention to join the project, the best first secretly visits. The project to the store to the consumer, to the identity of the customer and the owner or the clerk to chat, and estimate the daily turnover, analysis of customer groups, time consumption and so on; investigation after a period of time, to see whether the results of investigation and the headquarter introduced the contents of the match, in order to determine the attitude of honesty of parties. Not to cooperate with leader integrity.

if the project is not yet opened stores, or the first shop a year not to, you can’t ignore it.

this study is the best way to go to an organized training, and then prepare a lot of problems to the difficulties they see, whether they are fully prepared to join the project.

The so-called

to join the project

join is independent shop, in the purchase and have certain advantages on selected goods, and brand publicity and promotion support, let many people choose the first shop shop franchise. In fact, also need to join the demanding, franchisee selection is very important, if not a good choice, efforts will work not completed. The following directions

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