Entrepreneurial experience] wonton shop how to save costs are suitable for snack bar

Entrepreneurial experience] wonton shop how to save costs are suitable for snack bar

today, Xiao Bian has the honor to the legendary entrepreneur, shop for four years, the successful operation of three. I resigned in 2011 in Suzhou opened wonton shop, has now increased to three, are very profitable. Which is very important to save costs, after all, is a small business, save a penny is to earn a penny."


staff wages

"runs is the premise, to entrust to others or simply ask the waiter to take care of is taboo. Because this is a relatively hard work, not only rely on consciousness. Especially in the absence of a sound performance mechanism, it is necessary to personally manage." Mr. Wang said.


"water cost is very high. Just opened the shop that time, I saw a waiter wash the dishes when the water flow is particularly large, the water burst everywhere, I said why do not you open it?. She said her family in the countryside, the dishes are to take water pumps, water without money. After the education of staff habits, coupled with a little other water-saving tips, a month can really save a lot of money."

material costs

so, saving is not endless? Wang said, wonton shop to have a degree of economy, otherwise customers do not buy it. You see, our spicy oil is more unique, very fragrant and not particularly spicy. For a long time with a very spicy oil fee, and a lot of people eat spicy oil, the rest of the end will be very dry. Later, I thought of a way to mix the oil, not only to solve the problem of hot oil, but also reduce the amount of hot oil."

"after a month I found wonton shop turnover fell. I realized that a lot of customers just like spicy oil, you reduce the quality of spicy oil, of course, he will not come. Through this I am deeply aware of

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