Chinese home care and Prevention Manual of Guangzhou cold start

Chinese home care and Prevention Manual of Guangzhou cold start

cold in the eyes of many people is very mild illness, and will not cause hit attention, but now with the decline in quality of the environment, a large number of breeding variety, a serious threat to people’s health, even if just a little cold may cause very heavy damage to body.

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China family cold prevention and Care Handbook "China family cold prevention and Care Handbook" 19, released in Guangzhou, this by the number of academician Zhong Nanshan and other well-known experts participated in the writing, Zhong Nanshan in the conference call, people should treat a cold this seemingly large "minor" seriously, to treatment professional. To reduce the harm to society’s cold.

this book is devoted to science knowledge manual for family cold prevention, covering the whole population — oriented ordinary patients and special groups (the elderly and infants, pregnant and lactating women) professional guidance and treatment recommendations for the prevention of the common cold and influenza, aimed at promoting more family Chinese correctly understand and treat a cold.

, China has become the world’s largest cold country, according to a global survey". Over the past year, more than 1 billion people in the country had a cold, cold time average of up to 18.5 days. Although the majority of doctors and pharmacists suggested that patients with cold rest at home is more conducive to rehabilitation, but also can avoid the spread of the disease to others, but there are still 75% of the respondents had to go out to work during a cold or flu.

pointed out that the State Key Laboratory of respiratory disease director Zhong Nanshan, "the cognition of Chinese cold still remain in the" minor "stage, but the cold has seriously affected people’s daily life, health and life safety. In the 5 global influenza pandemic in twentieth Century, there were 2 outbreaks in China; in twenty-first Century, SARS, bird flu and H1N1 were the health risks. Whether it is a medical group or the public, must be taken seriously in the cold, with professional treatment, reduce the harm of cold to society."

"in our country, there are a lot of risk caused by cold, acute cases every year, academician Zhong Nanshan," such as suffering from chronic respiratory diseases of the elderly people or other special groups, often do not seek medical treatment immediately after the cold treatment, but as a "minor" treat, not active or take scientific treatment. As a result of more serious illness, life-threatening health."

in addition to the adult cold, in infants and young children, the same cold due to lack of awareness, causing many serious consequences. For example, the wrong kind of medication, dose not taken, or even because of improper treatment, resulting in a lifelong impact on children.

can ease the chief scientist DavidHull introduction, cold treatment, in addition to drug treatment, psychological comfort is also essential to recommend

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