Chengdu hi tech Zone overseas customers

Chengdu hi tech Zone overseas customers

hit off now has become a very popular vocabulary, and in the society, a group of guests are welcome, because in the entire business environment, is a great need for a customer to join.

in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, "the creation" became the competition for scarce resources, and Chengdu hi tech Zone to attract entrepreneurial talents in the new tactics constantly.

9 14, in the domestic business circles quite well-known venture Tianfu · Jing Rong Hui "across the country, held special events in the United States Sheraton Boston Hotel, this event held in Chengdu high tech Zone also held Zhaocaiyinzhi international promotion, trying to hit off trying Chinese Western business center.

During the

9 14, Chengdu high tech Zone Boston Zhaocaiyinzhi promotion and "Tianfu venture · Jing Rong Hui Boston biological concert held in Sheraton Boston Hotel. The event is the first time in Chengdu to the United States to promote biological industry in Boston, attracted more than 100 scientists, entrepreneurs from Boston, Washington, New York and other places to participate.

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