Hainan Venture Park entrepreneurs dream factory

Hainan Venture Park entrepreneurs dream factory

of Hainan province for entrepreneurs to build a business park, for entrepreneurs is an excellent business platform, many successful entrepreneurs set up their own business, but also better entrepreneurship to promote employment.

"have submitted the application to the Hainan Microsoft innovation center, is waiting for the audit results."   Hainan’s first professional old clothes recycling agencies ring city hero founder Xie Zaihua said happily.

in addition to providing office space, support the most attractive or Zaihua Xie Hainan Microsoft innovation center can provide the technology. "Professional technology of face recognition, speech recognition and their support for us after the establishment of online booking, Internet recovery, staff training system, can be of great help. There are entrepreneurial salon, entrepreneurial guidance, etc., which is why I want to settle down."

"current renaissance city park has Optics Valley entrepreneurial coffee, Ali cloud + hit off, Hainan Microsoft innovation center, geeks Park Incubation Platform settled." Haikou City Renaissance City Internet innovation park staff, general innovative start-ups or individuals starting the project, will recommend to the cooperative incubator platform settled platform to complete the incubation period after hatching (incubator 3 – 6 months), with the growth of enterprises will have the opportunity to enter the park independent office.

data show that as of the end of 2015, the Ecological Software Park, hi tech Zone Innovation Incubator, incubator, Lingshi creative Hong Kong four families recommended

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