2016 college entrance examination room price was berserk

2016 college entrance examination room price was berserk

2016 years of college entrance examination has been officially opened, the end of an examination of the candidates need a quiet environment to rest, so the hot point near the hotel, not only crazy prices, more importantly, despite the price a lot, but have achieved full.

today into the first day of college entrance examination in 2016, the parents are expecting a child can play perfectly in the exam, in order to children during the test rest, not in the examination room between home and travel, many parents booked entrance room". According to the reporter, the huge demand for parents to promote the country to emerge a wide range of high price college entrance examination room".

according to the reporter, some of the hotel prices 15% fairly polite, even rose nearly 6 times, a hotel room rose to nearly 3000 yuan / day, dozens of thousands of rooms only need half a day will be parents second light, obviously want to set the noon hour room were also forced to set all day long. In addition, a variety of tricks, the number of rooms with auspicious number 6, out of the champion of the champion room, Feng Shui excellent Feng Shui room, etc., it is becoming popular, must be set before the payment can be.

Beijing: easy price of more than a thousand yuan 2508 yuan / day is also sought after

Beijing this year, there will be more than 6 candidates into the 96 college entrance examination, half a month ago, after the test center to determine the small room for parents to set the room, most of the good conditions of the room as early as a few weeks before the exam was booked. A number of hotels in the room is pulled tight, part of the housing, only support for the full room. Beijing several well-known secondary schools in the vicinity of the hotel, the economy has basically been sold out of the room. Hotel staff told reporters that two days later, the value of $899, $1299 luxury room may also become a room hard to find.

, according to the Beijing Morning Post reporter reported that Beijing in the fourth part of the hotel, college entrance examination room than the highest price on the day of thousands of dollars. A hotel hall erected "live off Taiwan advertising, particularly the introduction of" Jinbang entrance room, which marked the standard for 968 yuan a day, suite for 2508 yuan a day. Ctrip, in June 2nd the price of the hotel room is 1500 yuan, the same day the college entrance examination became a day of $2508 college entrance room, up more than 1000 yuan. RDFZ test center near the hotel, the special price of 2551 yuan "Gaokao", more than two months ago it was the entrance room reservation, because "the real champion" to Geely, the room is good, many people choose to book the. June 2nd, the same room price of the hotel is only 1385 yuan, the day of college entrance examination rose more than 1100 yuan.

Hefei: 60 sets of thousands of college entrance room instantly grab an empty day to set the room into 8

according to Hefei TV recently reported that although the Hefei college entrance examination room recommended

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